Roll Call

  • Theta Phi Alpha Foundation Roll Call

    Theta Phi Alpha traditions are cherished! One of our traditions states, A Theta Phi Alpha contributes a monetary donation in celebration of each year of membership to Theta Phi Alpha Foundation on Founders’ Day.

    Theta Phi Alpha Foundation enriches Theta Phi Alpha sisters by providing resources for scholarship, philanthropy, and education through charitable giving.

    Your donation today makes this mission a reality!


    Roll Call donations are recommended to be a minimum of $1 for each year you are initiated. See below for additional giving levels.


    ANNUAL GIVING PROGRAMS - Donors who give at these levels will receive a special nametag ribbon at convention, be recognized in the Annual Report, and be listed on

    True Blue: $10 per month/$120 annually

    Sisters True: $19.12 per month/$229.44 annually

    Legacy League: $42 per month/$500 annually

    Loyalty League – Blue: $63.74 per month/$191.20 per quarter/$764.80 annually

    Loyalty League - Silver: $100 per month/$1200 annually

    Loyalty League – Gold: $159.34 per month/$1912 annually

    To pay by check send a copy of your e-mail receipt along with your check to: Theta Phi Alpha Foundation, 27025 Knickerbocker Road, Bay Village, Ohio 44140.

    Thank you for your donation!

    Payment information will be collected after your submission has been processed.