• The Compass is the official magazine of Theta Phi Alpha. News of members, chapters, and Alumnae Associations, pertinent information and articles of interest to the Fraternity's members are included in The Compass. Alumnae and collegiate members are encouraged to submit articles of general or fraternal interest to The Compass and also to inter-fraternity journals. Collegians receive The Compass at their homes as part of their per capita fees, collected through each chapter. Alumnae pay alumnae dues to continue their subscriptions. All members are urged to keep National Office informed of any changes of name and/or address to ensure delivery of every issue.  To subscribe visit:


    • The National Constitution and Bylaws is sent to each chapter for distribution to each member after her initiation. This document is not to be shared with non-members of the Fraternity.



    Theta Phi Alpha publishes a number of informative manuals to aid the efficient operation of chapters, colonies, and Alumnae Associations. These include:


    • Alumnae Association Operations Manual - provides information on formation and operation of Alumnae Associations; outlines obligations to the National organization; suggests activities; gives sample letters, invitations, etc.


    • Chapter Advisory Board Manual - Outlines responsibilities and procedures for Chapter Advisory Board; provides sample letters for common situations; primary guide for Chapter Advisory Board members (particularly Chapter Advisor).


    • Chapter Operations Manual - provides general guidelines for running a chapter or colony, including officer responsibilities and transitions, goal setting, obligations to the National organization, etc.; guide for chapter or colony President, important tool for Chapter Advisor.


    • Colony Member Manual - Outlines process for colony to become a chartered chapter of Theta Phi Alpha; provides information particular to colony members and their advisors.


    • Financial Manual - Outlines individual and chapter financial responsibilities; provides information on budgeting, recordkeeping, and collections; primary tool for chapter or colony Treasurer.


    • My Sister, My Friend Educator's Guide - Outlines Theta Phi Alpha's new member education program requirements; primary guide for chapter or colony Member Educator.


    • Risk Management Handbook - Provides information on managing risk at the chapter or colony level; describes Emergency Procedures; primary guide for chapter or colony Risk Manager; important tool for Chapter Advisor; also useful for Alumnae Associations in event planning.


    • Recruitment Manual - Outlines proven recruitment techniques; provides ideas for recruitment workShoppes and recruitment themes; primary guide for chapter or colony Recruitment Chairman.


    • Academic Excellence Manual - Outlines scholarship program goals; provides study techniques; primary guide for chapter or colony Scholarship Chairman.


    • Song Book - Compilation of popular Theta Phi Alpha songs; some sheet music included; primary guide for chapter or colony Song Chairman.