Philanthropy/Community Service

  • Part of our responsibility as Theta Phi Alphas is to care for and to make a commitment to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Advancing philanthropic interests is a part of Theta Phi Alpha's mission and such interest is promoted throughout the collegiate experience and beyond, during the alumnae years.


    Volunteering our services to the community in several different ways is important to our mission as a fraternal organization. In an attempt to help others, Theta Phi Alpha chapters, Alumnae Associations, and individual sisters have supported local and national philanthropic activities and community service.


    Through the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation, Theta Phi Alpha supports the following national philanthropic causes: Glenmary Home Missioners, Camp Friendship and The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built.


    Glenmary Home Missioners

    Glenmary's work is in depressed rural areas of the United States, primarily in the Appalachian Mountains, where they distribute food, clothing, and books to needy persons, and assist in providing medical care, job training and tutoring.


    Camp Friendship

    Camp Friendship is a two-week summer camp hosted in northeast Mississippi for children from disadvantaged and low-income homes. For two weeks children participate in camp activities that help develop teamwork skills, foster new relationships and promote a sense of self-worth that grows from their personal accomplishments. Sisters of Theta Phi Alpha assist Camp Friendship with financial donations, supplies and as volunteers at the camp.

    The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built

    The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built is Theta Phi Alpha's newest philanthropic cause, established in 1993. The common goal through The House is to improve the plight of the homeless in any way. The chapter can seek to provide assistance to organizations that help the homeless, shelters, home building or neighborhood revitalization projects. This goal permits all Theta Phi Alphas to help those in need in their own community, while remaining united in our aim and purpose.


    Monetary donations to Glenmary, Camp Friendship and/or the House That Theta Phi Alpha Built can be sent to the Foundation, which records the contributions and aggregates the gifts into larger donations.


    Glenmary Donations

    Donations of clothing or shoes can be sent directly to Glenmary. A note should be included with the items to identify the donor's affiliation with Theta Phi Alpha.


    Glenmary Address:
    Glenmary Home Missioners

    Attention: Fr. Don Tranel 

    4119 Glenmary Trace

    Fairfield, OH 45014

    Clean clothing and shoes for women and children.


    Camp Friendship Donations

    The most efficient and economical way to support Camp Friendship is with a donation of money that can then be applied for specific needs.


    Camp Friendship is in need children's bathing suits, new child-size sneakers/running shoes, 4-Square balls and Nerf Water Toys. (Please note: the camp is no longer in need of arts and crafts supplies, or t-shirts and toiletries.)


    The Camp Friendship kids always have last-minute needs, e.g., clothes, socks, personal items. A Wal-Mart gift card is another very helpful means of support.


    Camp Friendship Addresses (Please contact the camp by phone or e-mail before gathering or shipping any supplies.)

    Phone:  (662) 304-0087


    Mailing Address: 
    Camp Friendship

    PO Box 67

    Pontotoc, MS 38863 


    Shipping Address:
    Camp Friendship

    St. Christopher Church

    431 Pine Ridge Drive

    Pontotoc, MS 38863