• Theta Phi Alpha


    Theta Phi Alpha was founded in 1912.  The overall operating structure defined by the National Constitution and Bylaws has evolved over the 100-plus years of Theta Phi Alpha’s existence.  Convention is the supreme governing body of Theta Phi Alpha.  The officers who manage the day-to-day operations of the Fraternity are elected by Convention.  Current Officer directory can be found here.

  • Description and Duties of Elected Officers

    The Grand Council is like the Board of Directors of a corporation, managing the affairs of the Fraternity between Conventions by holding four to five meetings per year.



    The National President (NP) acts as the chief executive officer of the organization.  Reporting directly to her are the other members of the Grand Council, National Constitution and Bylaws Chairman and National Panhellenic Conference Delegation.  She also serves on the Board of Trustees and the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation, Inc.

    The National Vice President-Collegians (NVP-C) is responsible for chapter administration.  Reporting directly to her are Conference Administrators and Directors, Chapter Advisors and Leadership Consultant Advisor.  She also oversees the Leadership Consultants (LC) Program.  The NVP-C is the chapters’ liaison to the Grand Council.

    The National Vice President–Alumnae (NVP-A) is responsible for overseeing the Alumnae Associations and Clubs, National Officers, and Alumnae engagement and outreach.  Reporting directly to her are Alumnae Association Presidents, the Alumnae Development Committee and the Alumnae Standards Board.

    The National Vice President-Extension (NVP-E) is responsible for extension and colony administration.  The NVP-E is responsible for expanding the organization.  She pursues extension leads, in accordance with National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) rules and Theta Phi Alpha guidelines, at campuses, including those where we have inactive chapters.  She coordinates all contact with the potential colony through scheduling the Colonization Weekend and oversees the Extension/Colonization Team.

    Reporting directly to her is the National Director of Colonies, Colony Advisors, and National Director of Extension.  The NVP-E is the colony liaison to the Grand Council.

    The National Vice President–Programming (NVP-P) is responsible for Programming, Convention and Leadership Conference, Fundraising, New Member Education, Recruitment, Risk Management, Ritual, Academic Excellence, Song and Standards Board Programs.  Reporting directly to her are the Director of Chapter Programs, the National Convention and Leadership Chairman, the National Recruitment Chairman, the National Membership Educator, National Ritual Chairman and the National Song Chairman.

    The National Executive Secretary (NES) is responsible for the operations of our National Office, national website, record keeping and history.  Reporting directly to her are the Executive Director, National Assistant Secretary, National Membership Chairman, the Webmaster, and the Assistant Webmasters.  

    The National Treasurer (NT) is the chief financial officer, managing the accounting, tax, budgeting, and investment matters of the Fraternity.  Reporting to her are the National Assistant Treasurer and the Budget and Finance Committee.



    The Board of Trustees consists of five members elected by Convention for four-year terms.  The National President serves as an ex-officio member.  At least three of the trustees must have served previously as a National Officer.  The Board of Trustees advises the Grand Council on National Policies, coordinates the National award programs, manages the election process and oversees the selection and presentation of the Siena Medal.



    Description and Duties of Appointed National Officers

    The Chapter Alumnae Relations Chairman works with colonies and chapters to develop alumnae programming and works with alumnae associations providing support to colonies and chapters.

    Colony Advisors act as the liaison between National Theta Phi Alpha and the colony.  She monitors the progress of the colony as it works to become a chapter.

    Conference Administrators supervise Conference Directors and keep the National Vice President–Collegians informed about chapter issues.

    Conference Directors maintain contact with Chapter Advisors and chapter Presidents, monitor the progress of chapters and provide resources and advice to chapters as needed.  

    The National Constitution and Bylaws Chairman works with the National Constitution and Bylaws and the Bylaws of each chapter, colony and alumnae association.  Every change to a current set of Bylaws and each new set of Bylaws must be reviewed by her.  Upon her review, she recommends their approval to the Grand Council, prior to their taking effect, in accordance with Bylaw IX, of our National Constitution and Bylaws.

    The National Convention and Leadership Conference Chairmen organize our June events.  Convention is held in even-numbered years and Leadership Conference is held in odd-numbered years.  

    The National Convention and Leadership Conference Programming Director develops educational programming workshops and recommends professional speakers for National Convention and Leadership Conference.  

    The National Extension/Colonization Team Coordinator coordinates the Fraternity’s extension efforts and colonization weekends.  The team consists of the Director of Extension, Director of Colonies, University Research, Alumnae Contact and Conference Director for Colonies.

    The Director of Colonies is responsible for our colonies from the day of Colonization through the day of their Installation or Rechartering as a chapter.  She or an assistant supervises the Colony Advisors, who work directly with the colony.

    The Director of Publication serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Compass, which is printed twice per year.  She supervises the other editors and arranges the publication of The Compass.

    The National Assistant Treasurer monitors chapter financial reporting and performs other special financial projects.

    The National Historian is responsible for recording an accurate history of our Fraternity through written documentation and photographs.

    The National Housing Chairman acts as a resource for all aspects of house acquisition and management for chapters and Housing Corporations.

    The National Membership Chairman works with the National Office Staff to locate lost members and update national records.

    The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Delegate and Alternates (3) are Theta Phi Alpha’s official representatives at NPC meetings and throughout the year.  The Delegate receives notifications of problems or updates of situations from other NPC groups and coordinates their distribution to the appropriate parties within Theta Phi Alpha.  The members of our NPC delegation also serve on NPC committees, such as the College Panhellenics Committee, where they might serve as an NPC Area Advisor.  The Delegate and Alternates attend the regional meetings:  Northeastern Panhellenic Conference (NEPC), Mid-American Panhellenic Conference Association (MAPCA) and Southeast Panhellenic Conference (SEPC).


    The National Programming Director oversees all areas of chapter programming.  These areas and the National Officers who oversee each area are:

    The National Fund Raising Chairman who assists colonies, chapters and alumnae associations develop fund raising activities.

    The National Philanthropy/Community Service Chairman who assists colonies, chapters and alumnae associations develop philanthropy activities.

    The National Membership Educator who assists colonies and chapters with implementing the My Sister, My Friend National Member Education Program correctly.  The National Membership Educator is responsible for approving all education programs before they are implemented.

    The National Recruitment Chairman who assists colonies and chapters develop membership recruitment events.

    The National Ritual Chairman who conducts Rituals at our National Convention and Leadership Conference.  During the biennium, she answers questions on performance of Ritual and reviews Ritual ceremonies.

    The National Academic Excellence Chairman who assists colonies and chapters develop scholarship ideas and activities.

    The National Song Chairman who maintains the National Song Book and National Song CD.

    The National Public Relations Chairman promotes Theta Phi Alpha externally through Greek Advisors, other NPC groups and press releases.

    The National Risk Manager reviews all incident reports and works with colonies, chapters and alumnae associations on risk management issues.

    The National Webmaster manages the national web site (www.thetaphialpha.org). 

    Project Managers work on specific projects as determined by the Grand Council.

    The Leadership Consultant (LC) Coordinator manages the recruitment, training and traveling schedule of LCs.  She is in contact with the LCs as they visit colonies and chapters.

    The Leadership Consultant (LC) visits colonies and chapters of the National Fraternity to assess colony and chapter strengths and weakness and offer assistance for improvement.  She acts as an official representative of the Fraternity.

    Alumnae Association Presidents are elected by the members of the alumnae association they represent.  They are the presiding officer at association meetings and act as the associations’ liaison with National Theta Phi Alpha.

    The Chapter Advisor is appointed by the Grand Council.  The Chapter Advisor and the Advisory Board provide support to the chapter, maintain contact with the chapter and monitor the activities of the chapter.