Associations & Clubs

  • Upon graduating or leaving school, all initiated members of Theta Phi Alpha enter the Alumnae phase of membership.  While Alumnae sisters can continue to retain contact with their Chapter through newsletters, visits, and attending homecoming receptions and Founders' Day ceremonies, there exists even more opportunity to maintain the bonds of sisterhood outside of the Chapter.  Alumnae Associations and Clubs are a great way for Alumnae to maintain involvement in or reconnect with the Fraternity while also staying connected with local sisters.


    Alumnae Associations represent geographical areas with many sisters and not only support local Chapters, but also hold social, philanthropic, and eduational events.  Alumnae Associations are each granted a vote in Fraternal matters.  Alumnae Clubs are intended for areas with fewer sisters thus have less requirements than an Alumnae Association; many Alumnae Club activities are social in nature.  Alumnae Clubs are also a good intermediate step to becoming an Alumnae Association.  To maintain recognition, Alumnae Clubs are only required to celebrate Theta Phi Alpha's founding on or around Founders' Day.


    If you are interested in an Alumnae Association or Club below or would like to start your own Alumnae Association or Club, visit the Alumnae Resources page or contact the National Vice President-Alumnae at







  • Colorado

  • Greater Louisville

  • Greater St. Louis

  • Western Michigan



  • Areas represented by Alumnae Associations (blue/green/purple), and Alumnae Clubs (yellow)