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  • Theta Phi Alpha e-News: 2014-9 (Issue 67)


    2014-2015 Annual Alumnae Dues

    Paying your Annual Alumnae Dues is an opportunity for you to give back in a simple and meaningful way to Theta Phi Alpha.  A minimum contribution of $50 makes you an alumna in good standing, allows you to serve as a National Officer, and keeps your name on the mailing list for The Compass and other communication!


    Again this year, alumnae with updated addresses with the Fraternity will receive personalized Theta Phi Alpha address return labels.  Alumnae who contribute $50 or more by November 15, 2014 will be entered to win roundtrip airfare to the 2016 Theta Phi Alpha Convention in St. Louis, MO.  Those who contribute at least $75 by this date will also receive an additional set of Theta Phi Alpha personalized address labels (while supplies last).  In continuing the popular Theta Phi Alpha Alumnae Dues Charms program, the first 100 donors of at least $100 will receive a limited edition 2014-2015 charm.  Additionally, those who give $200 or more will also receive a copy of Living Our History, a commemorative history book celebrating Theta Phi Alpha’s Centennial.


    Thank you in advance for supporting Theta Phi Alpha!  Make your contribution today by visiting: http://thetaphialpha.celect.org/dues-donations


    Upcoming Grand Council Meeting

    Grand Council will meet at National Office in Bay Village, OH, September 26-28, 2014.  Should you have any items you wish to be placed on the Grand Council agenda for discussion, please email the National Executive Secretary by September 15, 2014 at NES@ThetaPhiAlpha.org


    National Officer Training Guide Available Online

    Are you interested in knowing what it takes to be a National Officer?  Are you a new National Officer and just want to learn the ropes? Or are you a veteran National Officer interested in some inspiration to advance your skills?


    Revealed at the 2014 National Convention in New Orleans this past summer, the National Officer Training Guide is now available online for you to check out!  To read the National Officer Training Guide, or to check out other National Officer and Volunteer resources available, visit: http://thetaphialpha.celect.org/national-officers-volunteers


    Throw What You Know – A Hand Sign for Theta Phi?

    Should Theta Phi Alpha have a hand sign? Tell us why or why not! Share your thoughts, and you can submit the hand sign you feel best represents Theta Phi along with why you think so here: http://thetaphialpha.celect.org/hand-sign-submission.  Submission deadline is October 15, 2014.


    Congratulations to Our Recently Appointed National Officers

    The following sisters were recently appointed by Grand Council to serve as National Officers:

    Jennifer Smith-Hunter, Alpha Mu - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Eta
    Deanna Spicer, Beta Xi - Chapter Advisor - Beta Xi
    Anastasia Mondi, Gamma Omicron - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Omicron
    Lacee Ecker, Kappa - Chapter Advisor – Kappa
    Kim Gaiennie, Alpha Beta - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Beta
    Peggy Esche, Alpha Omega - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Delta
    Alexandra Mercado, Delta Beta - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Epsilon
    Ashley Freeman, Epsilon - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Mu
    Emily Disselhorst, Alpha Delta - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Omega (Remote)
    Kiley Callaway, Alpha Pi - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Pi
    Monica Ginder, Alpha Psi - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Psi
    Alesha Brewer, Alpha Tau - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Tau
    Christina Bentlage, Alpha Upsilon - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Upsilon
    Meghan Strunk, Alpha Xi - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Xi
    Paige Gagne Cangilla, Alpha Zeta - Chapter Advisor - Alpha Zeta
    Katie Lienhop Noon, Alpha Epsilon - Chapter Advisor - Beta Alpha
    Lindsay Fisk, Beta Beta - Chapter Advisor - Beta Beta
    Jennifer Heady, Beta Delta - Chapter Advisor - Beta Delta
    Brittany Baques, Beta Epsilon - Chapter Advisor - Beta Epsilon
    Kayte Epperly Ahearn, Beta Gamma - Chapter Advisor - Beta Gamma
    Michelle Porter, Alpha Nu - Chapter Advisor - Beta Lambda
    Jordan Nelson, Beta Nu - Chapter Advisor - Beta Nu
    Liza Mandel, Beta Omega - Chapter Advisor - Beta Omega
    Kendra Lima, Beta Psi - Chapter Advisor - Beta Psi
    Gypsy Mason, Beta Sigma - Chapter Advisor - Beta Sigma
    Shandra Peelman, Alpha Upsilon - Chapter Advisor - Beta Theta
    Ceci Fitzgerald, Beta Upsilon - Chapter Advisor - Beta Upsilon
    Hannah Greenwood, Gamma Mu - Chapter Advisor - Delta Alpha
    Daria Ferrar, Alpha Epsilon - Chapter Advisor - Delta Beta
    Caroline Smith, Alpha Psi - Chapter Advisor - Delta Delta
    Carollen Delaney, Gamma Lambda - Chapter Advisor - Delta Epsilon
    Krysti Mazzeo Payne, Beta Nu - Chapter Advisor - Delta Gamma
    Jessica Bradstreet, Epsilon - Chapter Advisor – Epsilon
    Elizabeth Zahar, Gamma Alpha - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Alpha
    Karrie Sell, Gamma Beta - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Beta
    Lauren Svec Gallo, Beta Beta - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Chi
    Jennifer Stepenosky, Gamma Delta - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Delta
    Amanda Calvert, Gamma Epsilon - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Epsilon
    Darcy Tell-Morales, Gamma Eta - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Eta
    Danielle Mauro, Beta Xi - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Gamma
    Stefanie Hreha, Gamma Kappa - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Kappa
    Rebecca Baldassari, Gamma Lambda - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Lambda
    Chelsea Cota, Gamma Omicron - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Mu
    Kayla Smith, Gamma Nu - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Nu
    Ashley Schmitt, Gamma Phi - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Omega
    Theresa Taggart, Alpha Nu - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Phi (Remote)
    Kristin Mauer, Beta Alpha - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Pi
    Lauren Zunner, Kappa - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Psi
    Nicole Tanon, Alpha Epsilon - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Rho
    Amanda Lewis Riddle, Alpha Epsilon - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Sigma
    Kristina Bolling, Gamma Xi - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Xi
    Laura Alexander, Gamma Zeta - Chapter Advisor - Gamma Zeta
    Margaret Brown, Kappa - Chapter Advisor – Kappa
    Jocelyn Maul, Zeta - Chapter Advisor – Zeta
    Leah Taylor Allen, Gamma Nu - Conference Director
    Samantha Sommers, Gamma Etc - Project Manager
    Lauren Svec Gallo, Beta Beta - Director of Publication
    Pat Giallanza, Upsilon - Membership Chairman

    Sarah LeRoy, Gamma Nu - National Archivist

    Meagan Graff, Alpha Tau - National Assistant Secretary

    Michelle Porter, Alpha Nu - National Assistant Secretary

    Karen Jenkins Rubican, Alpha Sigma - National Historian

    Megan McGrath, Kappa - Pearl Protectors Coordinator

    Nicole Lasorda, Kappa - Project Manager - Branding

    Caitlyn McCarthy, Beta Lambda - Project Manager - Mobile App

    Amber Hoolahan Burreuzo, Gamma Delta - Public Relations Coordinator

    Brittany Tempest, Zeta - Socia Media Coordinator

    Ashleigh Callahan Stahr, Beta Lambda - Social Media Committee

    Lauren Svec Gallo, Beta Beta - Social Media Committee

    Barbara Gjerstad, Alpha Nu - Website Coordinator

    Interested in applying to be a National Officer?  To apply, visit: http://thetaphialpha.celect.org/volunteer-opportunities


    Theta Phi Alpha Celebrates Chapter Anniversaries of September

    This issue Theta Phi Alpha celebrates the anniversary of…

    September 13, 1987 - Beta Alpha Chapter, Stony Brook Univ., Stony Brook, NY
    September 22, 1952 - Chi Chapter, Creighton Univ., Omaha, NE